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Year 7 French Autumn 1

Year 7 French Autumn 2

Year 7 French Spring 1

Year 7 French Spring 2

Year 8 French Autumn 1

Year 8 French Autumn 2

Year 8 French Spring 1

KS3 Spanish: The weather

Here’s the vocabulary you need to know before attempting this Spanish quiz on 'el tiempo'.


hace calor

It’s hot

hace frío

It’s cold

hace sol

It’s sunny

hace viento

It’s windy

hay niebla

It’s foggy

hay tormenta

It’s stormy


It rains


It snows


You will not need this for this quiz but, out of curiosity, check this out.



to rain (infinitive)


it rains (present tense)

está lloviendo

it’s raining (present continuous/progressive/imperfect)



to snow (infinitive)


it snows (present tense)

está nevando

it’s snowing (Present continuous/progressive/imperfect)


Interesting, don’t you think?


Now to the quiz.


¡Buena suerte!

KS3 French | Food and drink | Quizzes 1, 2 & 3

This is the vocabulary you need to know before attempting the quiz on 'nourriture et boisson [1]' and 'nourriture et boisson [2]'. 
Bonne chance !

l'ananas         pineapple

le beurre  butter

les carottes carrots

les céréales cereals

l'eau          water

le fromage cheese

les fruits     fruit

les gâteaux cakes

les glaces     ice creams

l'huile             oil

le lait         milk

les œufs         eggs

les légumes vegetables

le pain         bread

le poisson fish

le poulet  chicken

le riz         rice

le sucre         sugar

la viande meat

le yaourt yoghurt

les pâtes pasta

Click here to access quiz 1

Click here to access quiz 2

Check the vocabulary below before attempting quiz 3

Check the vocabulary about what to say on healthy/unhealthy food choices and attempt the quiz below. 

Bonne chance !

il est essentiel it is essential
il est important it is important
il est nécessaire it is necessary
il faut boire         you must drink
il faut manger you must eat
c'est bon pour it is good for

le cœur                 the heart
le cerveau         the brain
les cheveux         the hair
les dents         the teeth
les muscles         the muscles
les os                 the bones
la peau                 the skin
les yeux                 the eyes
la santé                 the health

Il y a des vitamines there are vitamins
il y a des fibres         there are fibres
il y a de protéines         there are proteins
il y a trop de sucre there's too much sugar
il y a trop de graisses there's too much fat

Here's the link again to quiz 3: 'nourriture et boisson [3]'.

KS3 Spanish: Numbers 11-20

If you have not yet done the quiz on numbers 1-10, why don’t you have a go at that one as well?


The Spanish quiz below will be much easier, since you will not have to spell anything (like the previous one), but don’t get too comfortable.


Here’s a little reminder of numbers 11-20 in Spanish.




























Now, have a go!


¡Buena suerte!


KS3 French: School subjects

Here's what you need to know before attempting this French quiz on 'les matières scolaires'.
les arts plastiques (Art)
la géographie (Geography)
l'anglais (English)
les maths (Maths)
le français (French)
l'EPS (Sports)
les SVT (science de la vie et de la terre) (Science)
la technologie (Technology)
l'histoire (History)
la musique (Music)

KS3 French: Places: Basic Vocabulary

 Here’s the vocabulary about home you need to do the quiz below. When you’re confident you know it well, just click on the link below to take you to the quiz. 

Repeat as many times as you need until you get full marks without having to return to this page. 

une chambre 

a bedroom 


I live 

une maison individuelle 

a detached house 

une maison jumelée 

a semi-detached house 

un pavillon 

a bungalow 

en banlieue 

in the suburbs 

à la campagne 

in the countryside 

à la montagne 

in the mountains 

dans un village 

in a village 

en ville 

in town 

KS3 French: School Basic Vocabulary

Here’s the vocabulary about school you need to do the quiz below well. When you’re confident you know it, just click on the link below to take you to the quiz. 

Repeat as many times as you need until you get full marks without having to check the vocabulary.

la sixième 

Year 7 

la cinquième 

Year 8 

la quatrième 

Year 9 

la troisième 

Year 10 

le copain 

friend, mate 

un(e) élève 

a pupil, a student 

une matière 

a subject 

une classe 

a class 

un/une professeur 

a teacher 

un collège  

a secondary school